Road Trip!!!

I got to go home this weekend to visit my parents and see my talented sister perform.  It is a six hour drive from my house in Kentucky to their house in Georgia.  That is a solid drive.  It is a commitment.  And today I had a travel buddy.

He was excited!

He had a little trouble getting comfortable.  Apparently it was necessary to keep an eye on me at all times.

When he was sitting up, he started to notice things outside the car, which he has never done before.  He was very curious about sounds like trucks rumbling and brakes screeching.  He actually stood up on the console!

Finally he relaxed enough to lay down.

And then he fell fast asleep.  See that water bottle?  Yeah, he drinks out of it.  So cute!  He got his first QT experience today too!

It’s time for bed after this exciting day.


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