Tonight was a night for CELEBRATION!!!!  We got excellent news about the sale of our condo today!  It has been on the market for a long time and this has been a long process, so we are celebrating!

What better way to celebrate than to break diet?  We went to our favorite Louisville Tex-Mex restaurant and chowed down on chips and salsa.  That spiciness required something to cool it down, of course.  So we stopped by the proudly locally owned ice cream shop.  It had been on one of our favorite food television shows, it had to be good!  Oh boy, it was fantastic!  I had peach ice cream served in the cutest little glass cup.

Absolutely a treat.  The other treat was getting to spend time with my darling.

He completed a killer workout this afternoon.  I think we were both feeling proud of him.  We were wanting to replace his depleted calories…ha!  I helped, and my only workout today was a thirty minute run!

Maybe some of my calories will count for him….


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