Girl’s Night

This week has been nuts.  It has been absolutely nuts.  I do not have a job and this week has pegged my nuts-o-meter.

This week officially ended at 5pm today.  Tonight Dave had a gig to play country music at an Italian restaurant about an hour away.  Hey, he played country music at a luau, an Italian restaurant is not all that strange.  Since he is gone, it is my night to completely chill out.  It’s a girl’s night that reminds me of my Tallahassee roommate – just me, the puppies, and the tv.  I had the opportunity to watch a show that told me way more about the princess’s sister than I seriously ever wanted to know.  Oh, and I learned how to make chili relleno, spinach tamales, and corned beef.  None of which I have ever eaten.  The chili kinda sounded good.  The corned beef did not.  Who thought of pickling meat?  I like pickles.  Pickled meat?  Must have been a necessity in like colonial times when they didn’t know about things like refrigeration.  Or drying.  Or keeping the animal alive.  All good ways to make meat last longer.  Friend, you know I’m relaxed when I am rambling this much.  Feel free to watch some toddler beauty pageants if you get bored.

When I have time to let my brain relax this much I tend to notice things.  Tonight I noticed that it was time to water my garden.




Really it was probably time to water my garden last night, but I didn’t, so the garden was looking a little sad.  I went outside at dusk to grab my watering can.  Dusk.  That’s such a great word.  It is somehow romantic.



And yes, I own a watering can.

It made me think about the garden I am tending in my heart.  How often to I neglect to water?  How often do other things come up?  How often do I simply forget?  How much more can I flourish with regular soaking of the Lord’s presence?

This is me, just finding my voice.


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