Character development is hard.  Ha!  I guess that statement suggests more than one topic.  Developing character as a human being and a child loved by a Heavenly Father is a lifelong effort to be transformed into the image of Christ.  That is definitely hard.  We are so fallen.  I am so fallible.  I so easily fall back into selfish habits and un-Scriptural thought patterns.  Developing my character is a daily process.

Character development as it pertains to writing my novel, well, that is also a daily process.  I am learning something new about writing a book every day.  Today I learned some ideas about how to develop characters.  I am creating profiles for each of my characters.  So far I have two, but there will be more as I go through this process.  Each profile is just a piece of paper right now with everything I can think of about the character.  Their hair color.  Eye color.  What kind of car they drive.  Whether they are shy or outgoing.  Whether they tend to quote cartoon characters. It will take a few days before I move onto the next step.  I’m having fun putting these characters together, though.  It is kind of like describing someone I know who is actually a compilation of a bunch of people I’ve met.  It is like creating a whole new person and getting to know them at the same time.  This is so fun!

And I got to write in the company of beautiful flowers….I love my husband!


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